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Frequently asked questions about the Solero® Lux

We are proud to present our latest product: Solero® Lux. This wireless LED lighting is easy to install on the ribs of your Solero® parasol. Every set of Lux strips consists of:

  • 1 manual
  • 4 LED strips with 27 LEDs per strip
  • 4x very strong 3M adhesive strip with a size of 2 cm wide and 40 cm long
  • 4 charging cables
  • 1 Lux four-way USB charger

How does it work?

The 4 LED strips come with four very strong 3M adhesive strips. You place the sticky side of the adhesive strip on the ribs of your parasol, and the magnetic side adheres to the Solero Lux. We recommend attaching the adhesive strip to the 4 longest ribs of the parasol, at a distance of 20 cm from the mast. Tip: the Solero Lux is easier to install if you close the parasol slightly. Have the adhesive strips been applied? Perfect, you can now mount the Solero Lux on the magnetic strip.

How long does Lux work?

When fully charged, the Lux will work for up to 8 hours (depending on the set strength). With dimmed light, the number of burning hours becomes greater than when the lighting is used at full strength.

Should I take the lighting out of the parasol when I close it?

The wireless Lux can be used under the Solero Parasols with waterproof O’Bravia canvas. As soon as the parasol is closed, we recommend taking the Lux out of the parasol (which is a great opportunity to charge them as well). The lux is dimmable and has up to 30,000 burning hours.  Removing the led strips is easy, they are only kept in place by a magnet.

How do I charge the lighting?

As soon as you receive the Solero Lux, you charge it with the included cables and USB charger. While the lamps are charging, they turn blue, and if they are fully charged, they turn red. You can then remove them from the mains and attach them to your parasol.  The charging time is 4-6 hours. The included four-way USB charger has room for 4 strips and can be connected to mains power.

Is the lighting dimmable?

The Solero Lux can be dimmed to multiple settings, and you can also choose to switch on 1 to 4 lamps simultaneously, allowing you to easily control the atmosphere under the parasol.

I do not have a Solero Parasol, does the Lux fit in here as well?

Lux can also be installed on non-Solero parasols, as long as they have a rib width of at least 2 cm. Of course, it hangs most securely under an original Solero parasol, as that is what they were designed for. Are you not yet a proud owner of a Solero? Feel free to have a look around our online shop, perhaps you can find what you are looking for.

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