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With over two decades of experience in manufacturing and installing high-quality parasols, we understand your needs like no other. We are happy to take all the worries off your hands and assist you in creating the perfect shade solution for your project.


Professional Shade Solutions from Solero Parasols

Welcome to Solero Parasols, where excellence and style come together to create the perfect outdoor space for your business. At Solero, we understand that your business’s outdoor space is more than just an extension of your physical location; it’s a reflection of your brand and an essential factor in your customers’ experience. That’s why we’re committed to delivering parasols that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, durable, and representative of your business values.

Custom Solutions for Every Business Project

Whether you’re looking to create a cozy terrace for your café, need a stylish and comfortable outdoor space for your hotel or resort, or are seeking effective and elegant sun protection for your business premises, Solero has the expertise and the range to meet your specific needs. Our parasols, known for their quality and durability, offer optimal UV protection and are designed to withstand the elements, ensuring a lasting addition to your outdoor space.

Technology and Innovation for Your Convenience

At Solero, we go a step further. We integrate the latest technologies and innovations into our parasols, such as built-in LED lighting and user-friendly controls, to ensure that your outdoor space is inviting not only during the day but also in the evening. Our range of parasols is versatile in style, color, and size, allowing us to guarantee that they perfectly match the look and atmosphere of your business.

Sustainability and Responsibility

We take pride in our commitment to sustainability. By choosing Solero Parasols, you contribute to a greener future, as we are committed to eco-friendly practices and materials. Our partnership with Trees For All underscores our dedication to the environment; each purchase contributes to tree planting and creating a more sustainable world.

Your Partner for Business Sun Protection

At Solero Parasols, we are more than just a supplier; we are your partner in creating an inviting and functional outdoor space for your business. Our team of experts is ready to support you in every project, big or small, and ensure that your investment in sun protection has a lasting impact.

Contact us to discover how Solero Parasols can transform the outdoor life for your business.

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