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starting from: £1599

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100% Solero O’Bravia, 300 g/m2, Colour fastness 7-8 (with 4 years warranty), Water column 300mm.
Solero Lux® click-on light, and Protection cover included.
Delivery time: 5 to 14 business days.

Are you looking for a large square commercial parasol for the hospitality industry? One with a fade resistant cloth and a solid appearance? Preferably one with a great quality and a low pricing that is easy to handle? The Solero Maestro Pro parasol makes for a great offer for just that need!

A whole lot of shadow
The Maestro Pro is our most popular commercial parasol, and for good reason: It’s our best value deal. This giant parasol is an example of both esthetic and functional design. With a cloth surface of 4×4 meters or 4×3 meters, this large commercial parasol offers great protection against a hot summer sun or an annoying summer rain, to both you and your guests. The Maestro Pro offers protection to countless terraces abroad the world already, with a special Solero O’Bravia cloth that is made of premium heavy quality and which is fade resistant. Even seasons from now, the Maestro Pro will still have the same color as the day you ordered it.

The perfect commercial parasol for the hospitality industry!
The Maestro Pro forms a perfect protection from the sun for the hospitality industry. The Maestro Pro has a very large surface, but is handled just as easy as our other models. A waiter or waitress will be able to open or close this parasol in a flash. Not only in the summer, but also in winter times the Maestro Pro brings you the sun. This commercial parasol can be equipped with a heater, to keep your customers warm!

Print your parasol
Who can resist extra branding? We’re ready to support you with just that, by printing your company name and logo on your parasol valance. Call or mail us to receive pricing and be surprised by our quick delivery!

Maestro rectangular parasol
Because of the growing popularity of the 4×4 meter Maestro parasol, we decided to add another measurement. This rectangular parasol is available in 4×3 meter, what seems to be a very popular size, especially for restaurants with a garden for their customers. Because of the availability of both 4×4 and 4×3, it looks very nice to mix these two sizes together, sometimes this comes in handy with weird corners on a terrace. We want to provide more flexibility without losing our high quality standards by adding the 3×4 Maestro parasol to our collection.

The Maestro Pro parasol is available in the fade-resistant cloth colors below:


platinum grey








pearl white




navy blue

(your computer screen might display colors slightly different.)

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