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A centre pole parasol is a parasol where the mast is located in the middle of the parasol. A major advantage of a parasol with the mast in the middle is stability. Because the centre of gravity lies in the middle of the parasol, the parasol is more resistant to wind than a cantilever parasol. The Solero centre pole parasols are available in many different sizes and designs, from 200x200cm up to 615x615cm!

Centre pole garden parasols:

Basto 500x500 or 400x400cm starting from: £2035.89
Maestro 400x400 or 400x300cm starting from: £1285.41
Presto 330x330 or 400cm round starting from: £691.05
Patio 300x300cm starting from: £398.32
Sublimo 200x200 or 300cm round starting from: £265.24
Teatro 270cm round starting from: £176.53
Vaticano 250cm round starting from: £212.02

A centre pole parasol is strong and sturdy, making it an ideal parasol for the hospitality industry. Parasols with a mast in the middle can be coupled with a rain gutter. In this way, it is possible to cover your entire terrace. If you are considering buying a centre pole parasol, please contact us for more information or for a consultation, free of any obligation!

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