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100% Solero O’Bravia, 300 g/m2, Colour fastness 7-8 (with 4 years warranty), Water column 300mm.
Solero Accento® click-on light, and protection cover included.
Delivery time: 5 to 14 business days.

The Solero Cielo just belongs in your garden. This cantilever parasol has a 260cm*260cm diameter. With its innovative control system, you can open or collapse this quality parasol in a flash. It’s very easy to put this parasol into different positions without having to use the least bit of force.

The Cielo parasol has a sleek design and is delivered to you with a complimentary Solero Accento. This high-end banana parasol’s lighting offers a great ambient light that still allows for reading. The Cielo banana parasol is delivered with hydrophobic and fade resistant Solero O’Bravia cloth. In short, the Cielo helps you to enjoy those great summer days and evenings just a bit more!

Shadow – wherever you need it
The firm base of the Cielo banana parasol is equipped with a clever turning mechanism. You can rotate this garden parasol easily and in 360 degrees by simply pressing the foot pedal. By releasing this pedal, this handy hanging parasol will be automatically locked in its position.

The Solero Cielo banana parasol always comes with a complementary set of pads (cross base). Do you want to anchor the parasol into your terrace? You can order the special ground anchor to do so, and the image on the right shows how this would look. Ready to order your Cielo? Please contact us!

The Cielo cantilver garden parasol is available in the fade-resistant cloth colors below:




platinum grey




pearl white

(your computer screen might display colors slightly different.)

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