How do you prevent burnt skin?

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How do you prevent burnt skin?

Ouch, that red skin sure hurts, doesn’t it? And it had better, because it is a warning from your skin that you need to take very seriously. Getting sunburnt often results in a first-degree burn. In extreme cases, there may even be a second-degree burn. Skin that has been burnt by dangerous UV radiation often has a greater chance of developing skin cancer. So this message is important, very important.

A big help in preventing burns is using good sun lotion with a suitable factor, but what else can you do?

Wear a hat

Spots that burn easily are the skin at the top of the chest, the neck, the top of the feet, the shoulders, the ear and the scalp. Areas on the body where the skin is somewhat thinner are also danger zones. We understand that you don’t always remember to apply sun lotion to your ears and scalp – and it is not always practical – but a hat is a great solution for this. The shade from your hat protects your face and even a part of your chest and shoulders from the sun, and it looks fun to boot.

Find shade

Although the rays of sunlight feel wonderful on your skin at first, you often burn faster than you think. So look for shade in time to prevent burning your skin. Especially on a windy day, or on the water, you don’t feel how warm it really is. You only find out once you get home, when it is already too late. Moreover, you can even get a nice tan in the shade. But be careful, because even under a parasol, you still have to watch out. The canvas of the parasol blocks a large portion of the UV radiation, but sun rays still reflect via the ground, tiles, walls and water.

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Sun lotion

You can never really use enough sun lotion. Sand grains stick, it leaves a white haze and after a fresh dive, you can start over again. Still, it is important to keep repeating it. A nice tan seems like the ultimate goal, but your skin tries to tell you something else. The formation of that brown colour (the pigment) is a defence mechanism of your skin to protect itself against UV. It basically uses a type of shield to better protect against additional UV radiation.

Clothing as sun protection

That a regular T-shirt prevents sunburn is a misunderstanding. If you compare, the T-shirt provides the same amount of protection as factor 10 sun lotion. Fortunately, nowadays, there is something like UV-resistant clothing, ideal for water sports enthusiasts and children who want to build sand castles on the beach for hours on end.


As a partner of the Dutch “Huidfonds” (skin fund), we find it important to guide everyone in the world of skin health in a positive way. One of the main objectives of the Skin Fund is ‘preventing skin conditions’. We want to contribute to a new generation that has playfully learnt to look after their skin. Together with the Skin Fund, we want to ensure that everyone knows how to enjoy the sun without suffering the negative consequences.

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