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Making a good choice out of a large assortment of parasols isn’t easy. We would like to help you with this. Important factors to consider when, buying a commercial parasol are, amongst others, wind resistant, character, attachment possibilities, delivery time, accessories and printing.

We will start at the beginning. Wind resistance is an important term, but often dubious. It is hard to say when a parasol should be closed. We always keep to the rule that if it isn’t pleasant to zit under the parasol anymore, it should be closed. On average we speak of wind power 5, according to the wind scale of Beaufort, there is a rather strong wind with wind speed of 8 meter per second. At this speed the cloth will blow annoyingly in front of the eyes, waves will develop on lakes and canals, and garbage cans will fall. It is therefore pleasant to know that you can let your customers continue to enjoy their time under a Solero parasol when there is soft to moderate wind.

What ambiance would you like to radiate with your terrace? Do you have clean interior where black white and grey are dominant or is your restaurant more colorful and cozy? We can seamlessly fit a parasol to your needs. The Basto for example is an example of a very clean model, it does not have a flounce and has been finished without noticeable details. The Maestro Prestige on the other hand, is a parasol with a flounce (available in several different colors) and has a spherical cap on top of the crown. This parasol is a bit more whimsical. Color and shape are very important characteristics that can help us match a parasol with your style.

The most beautiful attachment method is by using a ground anchor, this anchor is poured into the concrete and aesthetically finished. This option isn’t easy for everyone, as some terraces are obliged to bring their terrace furniture inside when there is a market. Sometimes it is even completely forbidden to anchor a parasol into the ground, this differs per municipality and it is therefore recommended to ask them about the laws. When a ground anchor isn’t an option, we can deviate to a tile base, the advantages of such a base is the possibility to make it movable, which means that you can easily roll your parasol to a different place The wheels under this parasol also have a strong brake, resulting in the fact that you can easily move your parasol and not have to worry about it.

Do you have all the time in the world to make your terrace perfect, or do you need 3 parasols on your terrace by tomorrow? It is recommended to consult about this with us beforehand, we have many of our models in stock and we could, essentially, deliver these the next working day. When we need to come install the parasol for you, we can usually do this within a week, depending on our schedule. For most of the Prostor parasols we have a delivery period that varies between 2 to 3 week. We will keep you informed so you can take the instillation date into account. Bigger projects sometime take a full day to make sure that the instillation is done perfectly, smaller projects are usually done within a morning or afternoon.

Have you thought about heating and lighting? These are easily added to most parasols afterwards, but with the Prostor collection the lighting is integrated during the production. We offer several products to mount in the parasols. There are four options for heaters, and for lighting we also have 3 options. Take a look at the Solamagic P1 and P2, de Solero Caloria or the Solamagic 1400 or 200 ECO+ heaters. For lighting it is recommended to compare the Solamagic V4 and the Accento or Ilumina. Every lamp has its own advantages.

For entrepreneurs who want to have their parasols printed, we can do that for you. If you sent us your logo, or the text in question, then we can make an example of how it will look. If you agree with the print, then we will bring it to the press. This makes the parasols more personalized and can be used as extra advertisement on your terrace. You can find indications of prizes for printing here, for we are happy to make a quotation for you with the exact price.

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