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Winter is coming, the sun is replaced by dark winter weather, and it is finally time to make it cozy inside, and to crawl onto the couch with a blanket and to serve hot chocolate.

Even though this sounds incredibly tempting, wait for just a little while, first put away your Solero, this way it will remain as new, and you can enjoy it just as much in the coming season as you enjoyed it in the past year.

You can put away your Solero parasol in two different ways, you can choose to store your parasol inside, but if there is no room, then you can leave your parasol outside. If you do so, please take the following precautions.


Make sure that the parasol is dry before it is stored, when the parasol is wet or damp in the cover, mold will develop, in a natural cloth mold is very visible and barely removable. Our cloths are treated with special water-resistant coating. However, when a parasol is closed in a damp condition, the moisture between the fabric can’t dry properly. The possibility exists that the fabric starts suffocating; mold stains develop in the form of black dots. This is an irreparable effect; these spots cannot be removed. Sometimes the removing of the spots succeeds by using Biotex, but the effect is usually minimal. A more rigorous method, with chlorine, will pale the spots, but it naturally has a destructive effect on the cloth.


It is possible to clean the parasol yourself, or let it be cleaned. In case you would prefer to do this yourself, the best way to clean the cloth of your parasol with cold water (potentially under high pressure), and with a brush. We don’t recommend washing in a washing machine. Due to the size of the cloth, it will not fit well in the washing machine, and the soap and water will not reach all the spots on the cloth and therefore, those spots cannot be cleaned. When you have cleaned the cloth, directly tighten it back onto the frame of the parasol, so it has the chance to dry. If your cloth is extremely dirty, then you can order a new cloth for your parasol, with which it will become as new.


The use of a protective cover is important for the preservation of a Solero parasol. When closing the parasol, use the cord to bind the ribs firmly together, this makes the closing of the protective cover easier. Make sure the cloth is dry before it is stowed in the cover, and close the cover securely with the chord at the bottom, so that no moisture or vermin can get into the cloth.


The next point to think about is the location where the parasol will be stored. Is this only possible outside, then make sure the cloth is dry in the cover. Is this only possible inside, still use the cover, but make sure that the parasol can stay vertical. Vermin seeks out warm and covered places to hibernate, and the cloth of a parasol offers them the cover and the dry place they need. So don’t give vermin the chance to settle into the cloth.


It is possible that, after a few years, your parasol will be more difficult to open then when you bought it, this is easily fixed by the use of a silicone spray. Before you do this, contact us so we can explain where you can use the spray and where you cannot.

May you have any questions after this article, do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to give you additional information.

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