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The most luxurious parasol in the Solero product range is the Crescendo. This sturdy member of the Italian line comes in Iroko wood or, per your request, completely in stainless steel.

You can choose between different varieties of cloth for your Crescendo.We even offer a special fiberglass cloth (Soltis) that comes with a wonderful citrus scent. In addition to its excellent ventilation, the cloth is very easy to clean.

Multi Valance
Are you looking for more freshness, a better look and a more stable parasol? The multi valance edition fits your needs! This patented rib system doesn’t come with good looks alone – it’s also very functional. Because the cloth is created out of various layers, the parasol is more stable and is also cooler! This system allows for the wind to blow between the valances, which will make for several degrees Celsius of extra cooling and a better balanced parasol.

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